*Under Our Skin, a documentary film: http://www.underourskin.com Also can be watched online at hulu.com

A gripping tale of microbes, medicine & money, UNDER OUR SKIN exposes the hidden story of Lyme disease, one of the most serious and controversial epidemics of our time. Each year, thousands go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, often told that their symptoms are all in their head. Following the stories of patients and physicians fighting for their lives and livelihoods, the film brings into focus a haunting picture of the health care system and a medical establishment all too willing to put profits ahead of patients.





*The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS): http://www.ilads.org

ILADS is a nonprofit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme and its associated diseases. ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme and its associated diseases through research and education and strongly supports physicians and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases.




This is a great resource for most things Lyme- educational, lyme times (the lyme magazine), information by state, opportunities for activism and current research.

National Capital Lyme Disease Association


Offering education and support to those suffering from Lyme and other tick-borne diseases


Lyme Disease Association, Inc. All volunteer national nonprofit


Changing the face of Lyme disease through research, education, prevention and patient advocacy.


Lyme Disease Foundation


The Lyme Disease Foundation is the premier nonprofit dedicated to finding solutions for tick-borne disorders.


The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation


We are a federally registered charitable organization dedicated to promoting research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and Associated Diseases since 2003.


Turn the Corner


Turn the Corner is dedicated to the support of research, education, awareness and innovative treatments for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.


Lyme Net: http://www.lymenet.org

The Lyme Disease Network, a non-profit foundation dedicated to public education of the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.





The ILADS Guidelines   http://www.ilads.org/files/ILADS_Guidelines.pdf

Evidence based guidelines for the management of Lyme disease.


*Lyme Disease: The Basics


This is a fantastic overview of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, like anaplasmosis, bartonella and babesiosis. There’s also an extensive checklist to help you determine whether or not you may be suffering from a tick-borne illness. This list will aid a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLMD) in evaluation and diagnosis.

Cure Unknown; Inside the Lyme Epidemic, a book by Paula Winetraub. http://www.cureunknown.com/

A groundbreaking investigation into the medical history, patient experience & brutal political war over Lyme disease.


Lyme Disease Research Database  http://www.lyme-disease-research-database.com/index.html

We started the LDRD to help educate people about Lyme disease. New developments in the quest to understand and defeat Lyme are continually replacing old news and attitudes.

Lyme Facts


this page on the site has links to tons of different articles and great resources.



Advanced topics in Lyme disease; Diagnostic hints and treatment guidelines for Lyme and other tick borne illnesses. Written by Dr. Joeseph Burrascano Jr. http://researchednutritionals.com/FactSheets/Burrascano’s%20Advanced%20Topics%20in%20Lyme%20Disease%20_12_17_08.pdf




Dr Mercola’s Lyme disease interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:



Pangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine:

interventional natural medicine for rapid, lasting health


Dr. Klinghardt’s biological treatment for Lyme Disease:





Lyme Disease Network Support Groups: this one is kinda cool because you click through location prompts until you find a support group close to you (i realize that for many of you, close might be too far away). there are even links to support groups in countries outside the u.s. and canada.                                    http://www.lymenet.org/SupportGroups/

you can also direct any of your weird questions to a broad audience by putting the flash discussion boards to good use.           http://flash.lymenet.org/scripts/ultimatebb.cgi

LymebusterChat http://www.ultimatedisabilityguide.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/rfc_physical.pdf

Lyme busters is an online forum where you can connect with lyme patients, post your questions or solutions on boards and interact with others. “We are a wonderful, diverse group of people who suffer from various infectious conditions connected to Morgellons and/or Lyme disease.”

Lyme Disease Support Groups: http://www.lymeinfo.net/support.html

A listing of Lyme organizations throughout the States that have websites. However, there are a number of Lyme support groups that do NOT have websites. These groups are not found on this page. If you do not see a group for your area, check out Lymenet’s Support Group list. Also see Lyme Disease Meetup Groups.


Bartonella Working Group: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/bartonella

A forum for people with confirmed or suspected Bartonella infections to discuss symptoms, treatment approaches, and research.


*I highly recommend checking this out if you’re just starting to venture down this tick riddled path.




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